Retail industry is the vibrant and fast-paced industrial segment occupied with several new players. Robust investment and ever increasing number of consumers have empowered this sector to become one of the fastest-growing markets. This sector is poised for tremendous growth with organized retail on rise and increasing spending capacity of buyers. By considering this, it is clear that there will be a high demand for workforce.

Coplaced keeps up-to-date with changing dynamics of the industry. The dedicated team of Coplaced Consultants Pvt. Ltd. adds in-depth insights and understands the requirement of the Client.

We offer the pool of talented professionals to perform all functional responsibilities of this area like:

  • Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Retailers
  • Jewellery Retail
  • Toy Retail
  • Eyewear/Accessories
  • Pure Retailers/Sourcing Offices
  • Export Houses/Design Houses
  • Apparel
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